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Our stairs are built with hand-planed pine stringers and treads; the stringers are 4" thick and the treads 3". The treads and stringers are joined using mortise-and-tenon joinery. In addition, each tread is custom-fitted to the stringer and recessed into it making a seamless join between the two members.

We also build winding stairs as well as stairs using half-log treads.

PRICE: $2500 for a set of stairs in a straight run



We build our railings using hand-peeled dry pine posts, rails and spindles. The underside of the top and the top of the bottom rail are flattened to accept the squared end of the spindle; the two are joined using glued wooden dowels. The final look is a traditional one as the accompanying photos show.



Exterior decks using log posts, stringers and joists complete the natural appearance of a log house. Joists are attached to the house using approved Simpson joist hangers.

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