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Joe L'Orsa cabin built for BC Parks; helicoptered from our building site to the Babine Mtns. and reassembled using helicopter McDonagh House - 1200 sq.ft. main floor, 700 sq.ft. loft; features large spruce logs, log stairs and extensive log railings throughout Tersago House - 1200 sq.ft. on the main floor plus 700 sq.ft. in the loft; interior log wall featuring the "mushroom" arch on our Home Page Giesbrecht house- first house built by Wes, 1000 sq.ft. main floor with 3/4 loft, interior log wall and spiral (log) stairs
Using a helicopter to reassemble the Joe L'Orsa cabin Stoelwinder carport - a 30'x36' carport , the roof will be the deck for the attached house Worwag House - 1200 sq.ft. main floor, 800 sq.ft. loft, 2 dormers extensive outside deck Interior of McDonagh house showing roof support and railing details
The Honeymoon Suite at the Logpile Lodge Steve using the power plane to prepare a stair stringer Harry Houlden delivering logs to our building site using his self-loader Dennis positioning a purlin on the McDonagh house
Intersection of joists - Stoelwinder carport/deck Andrew (Superman) peeling a large pine log using a drawknife The fully assembled McDonagh log shell Wall logs ready for insulationi


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