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Cutting the log face for D-profile.

In a D-profile log shell the inside face of the log is flattened and the outside face is left round. Usually, the corners in this type of shell are made using a dovetail notch and the inside face of the log is flattened before it is fitted.

Our D-Profile log shells are unique in that the corners are made using the standard saddle notch thereby preserving the usual outer appearance of interlocking logs with the log ends extending several feet beyond the corner. From the inside, the appeal of the traditional saddle notch is maintained with a short transition to the full D-profile of the log wall as the accompanying photos show.

The D-profile is cut on each log after the log is fitted. This makes the process more labour intensive but by retaining the saddle notch, the interior of the log shell gains a most interesting and unique appearance.

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