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We construct our log shells using 16 - 18" winter-cut Lodgepole pine or Engleman spruce logs. Each log is hand peeled and individually scribe fitted.

All of our log shells include these features:

  • all basic log components: wall logs, ceiling joists, roof logs with support posts as shown in the accompanying photos
  • all logs are custom fitted with scribed saddle notches and lateral grooves
  • all notches and lateral grooves are insulated with fibreglass insulation
  • all window and door openings are cut and keyed
  • all roof logs and rafter-bearing wall logs are flattened at the appropriate pitch and ready for roof installation
  • all log components are loaded onto trucks for shipment

Log stairs,railings and exterior decks with log supports are additional items and are not included in our basic log shell prices; please visit our Stairs,Railings& Decks page for more information.

Local engineering and plan-drafting expertise is available.

Our log shell packages do not include any windows & doors or any dimensional materials.

Trucking and reassembly costs are additional expenses and are the responsibility of the owner. These costs vary depending on the owner's location; please Contact Us to get more information.


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